Workshops Feedback and Testimonials


Feedback on “Publishing in the English Academic Market”

3/4 May 2019, Bauhaus Research School, Weimar University


“It was one of the best workshops I had, I am very satisfied with it.”


“I liked the motivation of the instructor, the material he prepared, his ability to transfer information.”


“The instructor is very experienced in the publishing market, so his advice was most helpful.”


“The instructor has deep knowledge on his practice.”


“The instructor was very professional and gave us insight into the inner workings of the publishing world. Good examples in Do´s and Dont´s, appropriate references.”


“The presented material was right on point. Very well structured and very motivated instructor.”


“It was great.”


Evaluation: 100% of the participants would recommend the course to a colleague.



Feedback on “Publishing in English Language Journals”

6 March 2018, Graduate Academy of Tübingen University


“This was the best workshop at the Graduate Academy I have attended so far.”


“I learned quite a lot about writing abstracts and the publication process (journals).”


“I liked that the trainer shared anecdotes and his personal experiences. I also enjoyed the group work on abstracts.”


“Good suggestions for the writing process and the selection of an academic journal”


“Very informative”


“The trainer was friendly and open to all questions.”


“The instructor is experienced as an editor.”



Feedback on “Academic Publishing: Processes, Strategies, Co-authorship, and the Digital Turn”

1 July 2019, Welcome Center for International Researchers, Cologne


“The course provided useful information and insights in the publication world.”


“What stood out was the experience of the instructor. He is clear and professional.”