'For me, being represented by Jakob was like negotiating myself.


It was Jakob who first opened us up to the idea of actively marketing and distributing our English language books in the US. He took his time to really understand how ou business works, spoke to multiple possible partners and eventually brought us together with our current solution. In less than nine months we were all set up with an US distribution and marketing partner.


Jakob is extremely helpful, full of creative ideas and a genuine pleasure to work with. His delivery has been very fast without exception. He also supports our marketing efforts on a project basis, providing top-quality marketing copy and book blurbs and sourcing valuable and detailed information on review journals and target readerships.'


 Volkhard Buchholtz

CEO, Logos Verlag Berlin





'Jakob has been our all-purpose tool for the English language market for more than two years now. From website improvements to active commissioning and the uncovering and development of new sales channels in the English speaking world, he excelled expectations whenever called upon.

Representing us directly in London and at global conferences, he commissioned and managed numerous high value books and journals that fit our profile perfectly and further our global visibility significantly. He also provided highly valuable contacts and rich background info for the improvement of our global reach, distribution and marketing.

Jakob always has an ear on the ground, fully understands both sides of the market, and has a very broad view of the industry.


Barbara Budrich

CEO, Barbara Budrich Publishers




'Jakob was instrumental in helping us to re-align our sales, marketing, and distribution setup both in the US and in the UK with great success.
In addition, Jakob has been working as comissioning editor for our growing English language programme. Jakob is well-connected and has lots of valuable contacts and inside information. He works quickly, efficiently, and is never short of ideas—we would not want to miss him on our team.'


Christian Schön

CEO, ibidem Verlag



Other clients I have worked or am working with include:



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