Based on years of experience as a commissioning editor, I give expert support for academic publishing projects at all stages. Whether you are an individual author, an author collective or a research institute, if you need your research published but are unsure how to go about it, I am happy to help.


Academic publishing, like any other industry, works according to certain rules. In order to successfully place a book or article, you need to approach the right publisher in the right way. I offer the inside knowledge you need to give your work the best chances of being contracted.

From the shaping and streamlining of proposals via peer review and permission processes to the finding and approaching of suitable destination publishers - I can help you turn your research into the book or article you need.


Evaluation of Book Ideas and Material

Whether you are working on a monograph, an edited collection of conference papers or the final report of a research cluster, it is often hard to see clearly where the strength of your material lies. I give quick and effective feedback on what you have so far.


Creation of a High Quality Book Proposal

Academic book proposals need to have a certain format in order to be successful. Each publisher looks for very specific kinds of information when deciding whether or not to offer a book contract. Even if your material is very strong, if it doesn't fit the format your destination publisher is used to it won't go far.


Management of Peer Review Processes

Every respectable academic publisher will gather independent peer reviews. However, it vastly increases the chances of your book's success if you send your proposal or manuscript through peer review processes yourself and attach positive reviews to your submission. I can source and manage suitable reviewers for your material.


Permission Clearance

Processing permission requests can be time-consuming and costly. Most big publishers now use automated permission systems which routinely overcharge. To save costs, often up to 75 or even 100 percent of initial quotes, I find and contact the decision makers directly.


Finding and Approaching Suitable Publishers

When submitting a book proposal, it is crucial to send it to the right person at the right publisher. An intimate knowledge of the publishing world is essential to pick out the right destination publisher and to submit the proposal in a suitable format to create maximum interest.


Contract Negotiation

In the shifting landscape of academic publishing much depends on the strength of your contract. Copyright and royalty quations have become vastly more complex due to the rise of digital publishing. I help negotiate a fair contract for you.


Author Coaching & Workshops

If you want to know how to heighten your chances to get your book published, I run seminars and workshops explaining what it takes to place a book successfully with an academic publisher, drawing a full roadmap of successful book submission. The half day seminars include practical exercises in proposal writing, highlight contractual questions and explore alternative models of publishing.